Top 5 Best Canon Camera Lenses

5 best canon lenses

When choosing a camera lens that is going to last you from beginning to the end of your life, you need to choose wisely. You want to make the informed choice. Especially when there are so many Canon camera lenses at your disposal. You will find camera lenses prices at many price points. But which lenses are worth your time, effort, and investment?

We narrowed down the five lenses essential for your camera lens collection. Especially if you are looking for Canon camera lenses.

1. 24-70mm

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Looking for a single lense with a versatile zoom? This lens is the top pick. The 24-70mm is perfect for all kinds of photographers. Travel, lifestyle, and events suit this variable lens. Not sure what you are going to go out and shoot? Then this lens is optimal for those occasions. Need more control over depth of field? How about being able to stop motion in low light? The fast lens (look for fixed f/2.8) is your buddy.

2. 100mm Macro

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Looking for a lens to capture the finest of details? Then macro lenses are your way to go. Any product photographer’s choice would be a macro lense for an ultra 1:1 ratio. Looking to take portraits? Then the 100mm focal length is our top pick for sharp close-ups and zero facial distortion.

3. 70-200mm Zoom

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Are you looking to photograph wildlife? How about sports games? That means it is important to have a high-quality telephoto lens. Any object you need to zoom in on, this lens will work its magic with. Need more freedom with distance and depth of field? Select an aperture of f/4 or faster.

4. 50mm

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Travel blogging and travel photography never has been easier with Canon’s 50mm f/1.8. Being small and lightweight, this lense is perfect for travel. Need to take fancy overhead food shots? How about portraits with bokeh effect? At a price tag of less than $200, it is a great value for a first lens.

5. 24mm Pancake

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Why do they call it a pancake lense? Because it is shorter than it is wide! You will find this lens easy to carry around and fit anywhere. This perfect street photography or documentary lens because it is so low-profile. You can barely recognize it mounted on your DSLR because it is so slim. This is a less expensive alternative lens that produces high-quality and breathtaking images.

There you have it. Of course, as a beginner, you can’t go wrong with these five lenses. Later on, you will find these lenses as a perfect complement to your photography needs. More on those later. Until then, have a blast with these amazing Canon Camera lenses.