21 Different Types of Photography

types of photography

It’s important to know all the many types of photography, even if you are starting out. In fact, let’s cover the 21 different types of photography. You can define your favorite form of photography. You can also handpick your niche in your photography career using this guide.

Learn below as we explore all the different types of photography in one easy place:


Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the most basic types of photography. It is also portraiture photography. It’s the photography of a person or group of people. It’s often used to convey the subject’s personality. You may use different effective lighting or even backdrops. The subject may even pose in other ways to convey their personality. Plenty of people get their portrait taken for their profession, wedding, or schooling. There are also other special occasions to use portrait photography that may be fit.



Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is particularly focused on showcasing clothing and or accessories. Many photographers shoot fashion photography in a studio. They may use backdrops and models striking different poses. A fashion photographer might photograph its subject or subjects on the runway. Many photographers also break the mold by photographing their models on city streets. Or they may use other settings to get a more artistic and authentic feel. This type of photography is particularly popular on social media.



Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is the photography documenting wildlife in their natural habitat. Many animals are difficult to approach and capture in wildlife. This means many photographers study the knowledge of their animal subject’s behavior. If you’re starting off in wildlife photography, you may want to buy a macro lens for small creatures. You may also need a long focal length lens for wildlife like birds.



Street Photography

Street photography, also known as candid photography, is the photography of random incidences. Most street photography settings take place in an urban environment. Street photography does not need a person to be in the photograph. It usually features people or an object. Many street photographers see the timing as the crucial part of their photographs. They want to create poignant moments in their craft.



Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is usually the photography of the natural environment. The natural environment is usually vast and unending. Sometimes landscape photography also features man made features or can feature microscopic subjects. Some examples of landscape photography include photographs of trees, mountains, and farmland.



Still Life Photography

Still life photography is the depiction of inanimate subject matters or objects. It is much like the still life artistic style. Still life photography can be sculptures or ceramics. Still life can also be food in a specific artistic style. You can arrange the composition of the objects any way you like. This depicts the best photography artwork.



Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most popular forms of photography. It is the documentation of a wedding as it is happening. Wedding photography also includes portrait photography. You may bring in a backdrop to the venue. Or even venture out with the newlyweds into nature. You usually photograph the ceremony and wedding reception with this type of photography.



Travel Photography

Travel photography is the documentation of an adventure. It usually depicts the location’s landscape, people, cultures, different custom, and history. Travel photography is an image that expresses the feeling of a time, place, a land. It can also be its people or a culture in its natural state. Travel photography is another popular form of photography on social media. Early and great examples of travel photography is in National Geographic Magazine.



Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is the type of photography that chronicles events, environments, or both. It may document historical events or everyday life as it happens. Professional photojournalists may cover documentary photography or report it in real life. It can also be for artistic purposes, or for academia.



Food Photography

Food photography is a general type of photography. It is usually composed of varying types of food. This is also a very popular photography type for social media. Many times, you arrange food photography to depict still life artistry. Food photography is often used for commercial photography. You may see this photography in advertisements, magazines, packaging, menus, and cookbooks.



Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is a unique type of photography. It is photography taken underwater, usually while scuba diving. You also can do this type of photography while snorkeling, or swimming. In a submarine or in a boat, below water’s surface? That is underwater photography, too. Underwater photographers capture photos of marine life, such as fish, and coral reefs. Sometimes photographers also photograph shipwrecks, underwater caves, and seaweed.



Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is also known as airborne imagery. It is a photography type taken from a plane or another object in the sky. Another object might be a drone, balloon, rocket, or helicopter. Aerial photography is while the photographer is on the plane. Or do this type of photography with a remote or automatic.


Architectural photography

Architectural Photography

Architect photography is photography taken of any building or many buildings. They are usually pleasing to the eye, accurate, representations of the subject. Many people travel the world to photograph varying types of buildings.


astro photography


Astrophotography is known as photography of the stars. It is also known as photography of astronomical objects or celestial events. This may include photos of the moon, planets, and galaxies in the night sky.




Photojournalism is photography that employs images to tell a news story. It also complies with ethical work. Ethical work is honest and impartial. It is, at the same time, telling a story in journalistic terms. This includes photography, distributed to the news media.


long exposure photography

Long-exposure Photography

Long-exposure or time-exposure photography is a popular type of photography. It involves a long duration shutter speed. It captures sharp stationary elements while it blurs out, smears, or obscures any moving element. The path may depict clouds, lights, star trails, or any other bright moving object. The main subject or object is always stationary with this type of photography.


sports photography

Sports Photography

Sports photography is the photography of all types of sports in action or as an event. This may include football, baseball, soccer, golfing, biking, and many more. Sports photographers take these types of photographs for editorial and media purposes.


macro photography

Macro Photography

Macro photography is the type of photography that is magnified, or up close. It’s defined as an extreme close-up of a small subject like an insect. A macro photograph also features the subject size as larger than life.



Fine-art Photography

Fine-art photography is a creation under the vision of the artist. The artist is the photographer. The artist uses photography as a medium to bring the creation to life and is of the artist’s imagination. It depicts a message, idea, or emotion.


Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is a photography type that is non-objective. It is experimental, conceptual, or concrete. The visual image of abstract photography is not associated with the object world. Abstract photography can isolate fragments of a scene. Its context is not seen by the viewer’s eyes. Abstract photography looks unreal. It’s done by using different forms of color, light, shadows, textures, or shapes.


commercial photography

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is the type of photography for commercial use. This might include business, sales, and money.  Its often commercial photography in the form of advertisements, sales pitches, and brochures. You can also see it on social media, and advertising.



Many of these types of photography apply to a photographer’s career or as a photographer’s hobby. These 21 different types of photography are great for finding your favorite niche. We hope you have a clearer picture on what different types of photography you would like to focus on. Good luck!