12 Best Camera Straps to Secure Your Camera 2020

best camera strap

As a photographer, your camera strap is your right hand man.

You need a camera strap that can keep up with you and your adventures through photography. If you are a photographer or just getting into photography, it’s important to know which kinds of camera straps work for you – and there are quite a few kinds by the way.

Let’s dive into the best camera straps available on the market and which ones suit you best:

Overall Best Camera Strap

Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap

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Our overall best camera strap pick is the Peak Design black slide camera strap. This best camera strap is versatile and upgraded so you can wear it a number of different ways: as a neck or shoulder strap or as a sling.

Best Camera Strap Features and Specifications

  • This best camera strap has internally-padded nylon webbing with a smooth side. It easily glides over clothing as a sling. And the grippy side stops from slipping off your shoulders.
  • Reconfigure and access your camera instantly with dual-quick adjusters.
  • The Unique Anchor Link system allows for easy and quick connection. Your camera will be as stable as can be compared to the run-of-the-mill sling straps.
  • Anchors are able to be attached to L-brackets and Peak Design plates.
  • Updates including silicone grip, low profile strap and hardware transitions, upgraded webbing, and crease-free internal padding.
  • Features two aluminum quick-pull adjuster handles for a large range of length adjustment.
  • Anchors can hold up to 200 Ibs including pro cameras and binoculars.
  • Lifetime guaranteed warranty included.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love how heavy-duty this camera strap by Peak Design is. The slide feature lets you trust that your camera will be in safe hands. You can walk around with this camera strap without fearing it will hurt your back or shoulders.

As a bonus, customers love that the strap makes heavy equipment feel a lot lighter. Attaching and detaching the strap to and from the camera is an easy task using this best camera strap.


Budget Best Camera Strap

TARION Camera Shoulder Neck Strap

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Founded in 2008 by photography enthusiasts and entrepreneurs out of Berlin, Germany, Tarion makes a solid budget best camera strap. Their camera shoulder neck strap is no exception. Based on customer feedback, this camera strap holds up amazingly well at a low price.

Best Budget Camera Strap Features and Specifications


  • The classic look of this best camera strap makes it highly desired; its made of high-quality PU leather and durable cotton yarn.
  • The Tarion features an anti-slip surface so your camera won’t spill onto the ground.
  • The strap is ergonomically designed to be adjustable in length on both ends, so it doesn’t matter what height you are. The strap length is 71 cm and the width is 3.8cm.
  • The strap itself is extremely lightweight. The soft yet sturdy material reduces pressure at the back of your neck. It weighs approximately 65g, so it s comfortable to wear.
  • This best camera strap is upgraded with a special metal triangle, making it safe and compatible with all DSLR cameras and can be used for other equipment like monoculars, rangefinders, binoculars, tools, and more.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love this budget best camera strap because it is so comfortable and compatible with pretty much everything. You can connect your equipment to this camera strap easily without using extensions.
The rustic look of this camera strap is rustic looking and neutral so you can shoot anywhere, not flashy like some other brands. You’ll love being able to have comfort and style without compromising affordability.


Runner Up Best Camera Strap

Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap

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Our runner up best camera strap is the Peak Design slide lite camera strap. Peak Design is one of our favorite camera strap brands and this one is so versatile yet compact for mirrorless or light DSLR cameras.

Best Camera Strap Features and Specifications


  • You can wear this best camera strap as a sling, neck, or shoulder strap.
  • Made with nylon webbing, it’s seatbelt-style with a smooth side to go over clothing in sling mode and a grippy side so it doesn’t slip in shoulder mode.
  • The dual quick-adjusters mean instant access and super easy reconfiguration of your equipment.
  • With the anchor link system, you can connect your camera quickly. And the points of connection mean a stable camera on your camera strap. Anchors also work with tripod plates and L-brackets.
  • The aluminum quick adjuster handles mean your camera can be kept close to your body.
  • Includes minimalistic anchor mounts to wear your camera strap any way you please.
  • The strap is made of seatbelt-like webbing that is also 1.3 in wide. One side is smooth and the other side is a grippy material.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love that this best camera strap is so practical. The Peak Design camera strap adjusts so easily and fits like a glove. Your camera will be sturdy when attaches and remove and reattach super easily.

The grippy side of the strap ensures that the strap will not slip while in use. Easily switch between wrist and neck strap.


Best Camera Strap Sling

BlackRapid Curve Breathe Camera Sling Strap

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Our best camera strap sling pick is the BlackRapid Curve Breather camera sling. In fact, this best camera strap is a top choice amongst professionals around the world. So, you know you cannot go wrong with this sling.

Best Camera Strap Sling Features and Specifications


  • This camera strap sling is ergonomically designed with a pad to hug your shoulder for stability and comfort as you shoot from multiple angles.
  • BlackRapid makes a durable enough camera strap sling so you can take it on a long day of shooting.
  • The materials of this best camera strap are breathable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight. You’ll keep cool all day while you shoot.
  • The Locking Swivel Carabiner and Lock-Star Safety Gate keep your gear secure in every which way.
  • Right-handed users can utilize the cross-body strap.
  • You can place your camera upside-down and even against your waist. Access your camera fast and easy.
  • Made of nylon wedding, this best camera strap has a 65.8-inch adjustable length and the shoulder pad is 3.3 inches.
  • Features spring-loaded bumper locks.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love this best camera strap sling because of how comfortable it really is. Swing up your camera in mere seconds to get the right shot throughout the day.

Most customers recommend getting a tether to assure that the camera will not completely detach from the strap if the FR-5 on the camera unscrews (to be more safe than sorry). Otherwise, this best camera strap sling couldn’t be more perfect.


Best Camera Strap to Hold 2 Cameras

BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness

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On the list, for the best camera strap to hold two cameras, is the BlackRapid Double Breathe Camera Harness. BlackRapid’s mission is “Turning the Camera World Upside Down” with this camera sling.

Best Camera Strap to Hold 2 Cameras – Features and Specifications


  • Keep both your cameras safe and secure while you shoot every day.
  • Made of breathable materials and sturdy swivel locking hardware, take your cameras out to play anytime.
  • The best camera strap for wedding and event photographers, press, fashion, street, music, sports, and wildlife photographers.
  • Its shoulder pad design is patented and built with nylon mono mesh, polyester air mesh, and curbed TPE foam. It is moisture-wicking and will keep you cool while you are shooting.
  • Sturdy enough to hold your 70-200 mm lens and a shorter lens on the other strap. Use two small lenses on each side as a double or even use as a single camera sling strap.
  • Access your cameras fast through the front sternum and rear stabilizing straps.
  • The straps are made of nylon webbing, 63 inches in length and 4-inch wide shoulder pads.
  • It comes with spring-loaded bumper locks, LockStar connect cover, FR-5 fastener, and a safety tether.
  • Includes front sternum as well as rear-stabilizing straps, and webbing for a 3rd camera or binocular.

Customer Reviews


Customers like you love this best camera strap because you can easily carry two camera bodies. For those who find it hard to take low shots, you can just unclip the camera easily and then take the image and reconnect the camera when you’re done.


This best camera strap is our pick because of its versatility. You can shoot with two, possibly three camera bodies at once!

Best Camera Strap Wrist Strap

Rapid Fire Heavy Duty Safety Wrist Strap by Altura Photo

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Next on our list of best camera straps is actually a wrist strap. The Altura Rapid Fire Heavy Duty wrist strap is specifically designed to keep your camera comfortable and secure as you hold it.

Best Camera Wrist Strap Features and Specifications


  • This best camera strap wrist strap cinches tight around your wrist and is still able to hang out of the way.
  • With two camera connectors included, you get one heavy-duty connection for your mirrorless cameras as DSLRs. And it includes one thin yet strong connector for GoPro and points and shoot cameras.
  • This strap is heavy duty and secure because it is made out of super-strong, reinforces neoprene that is durable
  • You can hold at least 3-10 pounds of weight with this best camera strap wrist strap. It’s the strongest on the market.
  • This best camera strap is compatible with every camera with an eyelet slot larger than 5mm.
  • It comes with a 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love this best camera strap wrist strap because of its amazing quality. You will love traveling with this camera strap because you can take it virtually anywhere. The camera strap is long enough so you can do landscape as well as portrait photography.


Honorable mentions

Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap

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Our next best camera strap is an honorable mention. You can trust Peak Design with this small cuff camera wrist strap. With this cuff, you get an unobstructed design and build so you can protect your camera on your adventures.

Cuff Camera Wrist Strap Features and Specs


  • Connect to any camera or other device with Peak Device’s Anchor Link system.
  • Easily your wrist strap’s wrist loop will lock into the open position in a snap. For more security, your wrist strap will cinch down comfortably.
  • Hardware is aluminum.
  • Comes with V4 anchors that hold up to 200 Ibs – hold any lens/pro camera/accessory.
  • The wrist strap can be worn as a bracelet with its adjustable magnetic strip.
  • With the loop fitting palms over 5 inches wide, you can adjust to any length.
  • This best camera strap comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

Customers love this top-rated camera wrist strap by Peak Design. With exceptional quality and comfort, you will forget you’re even wearing the wrist strap altogether. This wrist strap is so light and easy to carry around.

With its clip anchors, you can remove the camera easily. No need to take up space either, since the camera strap can shrink down even more until ready to use.


Altura Photo Rapid Fire Camera Neck Strap

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The next honorable mention on our list for best camera straps is this Altura photo neck strap. Ideal for compact cameras, DSLRs, or mirrorless cameras, the cross-body design is exceptional.

Altura Camera Neck Strap Features and Specs

  • The camera neck strap is built with an ergonomic should pad that fits on either shoulder so the camera can go on either side and close to the hip.
  • It’s built so it does not stress your neck and back. It’s close and ready to shoot.
  • The camera neck strap is made with a neoprene pad that is able to perfectly distribute weight and fits around the shoulder.
  • Included is a zipper pocket for extra battery storage and memory cards.
  • Made of reinforced solid metal plate, you can securely fasten your camera to the strap.
  • No need to remove the plate from the camera. With a quick-release design, you can attach the camera to the tripod with ease.
  • Compatible with any DSLR camera.
  • 90 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Customer Reviews

You will love this camera wrist strap for complete and utter comfortable shooting whether you are traveling or shooting close to home. The way the camera strap hangs is out of the way from your body so there are no disturbances while shooting.

Customers who’ve traveled with this wrist strap are happy about how sturdy this wrist strap is and secure while on the go. These practicalities solidify its spot on our list of best camera straps.

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

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Next on our list of best camera straps is the Peak Design Capture camera clip. Carry around your camera conveniently and securely. With one click of a button, your camera is instantly accessible.

Peak Design Capture Camera Clip Features and Specs

  • The camera clip comes with a metal clip that you can clamp onto your backpack strap, belt, beg, or tripod plate. It screws onto the bottom of your camera.
  • Lock your camera onto the clip securely. Press a lockable quick-release button if you’d like to remove your camera.
  • You can attach the clip to any strap or belt at up to 2.5 inches wide and .6 inches thick.
  • Guaranteed lifetime warranty included.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love this best camera strap clip because it has an exceptional design. It’s strong and has a great quality of finish. And with a variety of adjustment angles, it fits all kinds of shooting scenarios.

HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Two-Camera Harness

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This HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker 2 camera harness comes in on our list of best camera straps because of its exceptional make and craftsmanship. With its versatile design, this harness is essential for the modern photographer shooting weddings, events, sports and more.

Two-Camera Harness Features and Specs


  • Designed of a natural suede-like feel, this best camera strap is accessible and comfortable.
  • You can pair the camera leashes to create a 3 camera setup.
  • This camera harness comes with an X style pattern to comfortably fit around your back. It will not shift either.
  • Made with stainless steel hardware and will never rust.
  • The harness comes with two camera mounts and two safety straps.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love this best camera strap harness because it is durable for hard-working photographers like you. Wearing the harness, it’s easy to make shifts when carrying your cameras.

VKO Soft Cotton Camera Neck Strap

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Next on the list of best camera straps is the VKO soft cotton camera neck strap. Keep your smaller camera comfortable and secure while you hold it on photography shoots.

Neck Strap Features and Specs

  • Hang the camera strap around your neck or shoulders, out of the way.
  • It’s lightweight (1.58 oz) and made of cotton and microfiber leather, so it will be comfortable around your neck.
  • The neck strap may be lightweight but is also strong. It has a cotton rope diameter of 12 mm so it can safely hold your camera.
  • The strap is 39 inches and fits small cameras with an O-ring hole.
  • The camera will keep tight against your palm, reducing strain and improving support.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you love this best camera strap neck strap because it is comfortable, well-made, works well, and is trendy. With a thick, woven cotton material, it is like a rope. There are also flaps that stop scratching between connectors and the sides of the camera.

OP/TECH Pro Loop Strap

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Our final honorable mention on our list of best camera straps is the OP/TECH Pro loop strap. A trusted brand for professional photographers and hobbyists, these camera straps are perfect for large cameras and lenses.

Best Camera Strap Specifications and Features

  • Made of durable neoprene and a reinforcement band of elastic, the camera strap effectively distributes weight of the camera. It even absorbs the shock of your movements.
  • Because of the equilateral weight distribution, your equipment will feel much lighter, about 50%. Get 100% comfortable with this best camera strap.
  • Get comfort on your neck with such a comfortable hold.
  • Most cameras fit with this camera neck strap. You can use it with DSLR cameras and even large binoculars.
  • Your camera will be so easy to attach with its unique connection system, designed for tight connection points.
  • The neck pad is made of lightweight neoprene material and is 2.5 inches wide. It rests low on your neck and has a nonslip grip.

Customer Reviews

Customers like you will love this best camera strap because it is firm yet soft to the touch. Customers love how wide and strong the strap is when carrying cameras. Get free movement with the extra-long extensions available.

Bring your camera close to you when you need it. With no slipping off the shoulder, this best camera strap is sturdy on the neck.

Do Professional Photographers Use Camera Straps?

Of course, professional photographers use camera straps. Have you ever seen a professional photographer without a camera strap? We haven’t either. The conventional camera straps that come with any camera simply do not work.

Run-of-the-mill free camera straps are cheaply made and limit what we, as photographers, need to do. A photographer’s best assistant is the best camera strap you can find.

You don’t want to miss the right shot, right? Well, if you have a cheaply made camera strap, it will interfere with your photoshoots and be a plain old mess. Buying a well-made camera strap is the best thing you can do for your photography, besides having the perfect lens, that is.


How Do I Choose a Camera Strap?

Choosing the right camera strap for you doesn’t have to be rocket science:

  • First, you want to make sure the best camera strap for you is compatible with your camera gear and your needs.
  • Next, you want to make sure you have an even weight distribution. An even weight distribution guarantees more comfort when you are shooting photography all day. Look for a 1 ½” or a 2” strap. A narrower strap will feel less comfortable.

Think About the Type of Strap You Want?

  • A holster so you can have two different cameras or lenses ready to go.
  • Kit neck strap – the standard camera strap that comes with most DSLR cameras.
  • Decorative straps if you want more of a flair.
  • Sling strap to hold your camera across your waist.
  • A hand strap to keep close by.
  • A wrist strap to dangle.
  • A harness for back support, but also to carry multiple cameras (wedding, event, and sports photographers opt for these).

What Material?

Leather and nylon seem to be the standard materials for best camera straps that you can find. There are good reasons why these materials work best.


For one thing, leather ages the best and stands out for the crown. Though, the leather option may not work for you if you are shooting in a rather hot climate.


For a better grip, nylon is the best material for a good camera strap. Nylon has a better grip while you’re working and is the most comfortable. Nylon is also lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the material dragging you down.


It’s best to go for a nylon material for your camera straps for better comfort and durability.

How Many Cameras Are You Planning on Carrying?


Are you carrying one, two, or even three cameras? On our list of best camera straps, there are definitely a few options if you are carrying multiple cameras.


If you are carrying one camera, any of these choices of best camera straps should serve you well.

What is a Good Length of a Camera Strap?


If you are wearing your camera around your neck or want the camera to rest on your chest, you should choose a strap between 36” to 46.” Many people tend to choose 40-inch length camera straps.

Are Camera Straps Universal?


Most camera straps are universal, but it is always a benefit to check with the manufacturer or seller if they suit your camera body before ordering your camera strap.


How to Attach a Camera Strap

Best Camera Straps For Your Lifestyle


We know that many of you are professional photographers, or you may be a novice photographer, or a hobbyist. This list of best camera straps is made for all of you.


Make sure you do your research before purchasing a camera strap to make sure you know which one you want and need. Best of luck!