12 Best Camera Backpacks Every Photographer Needs in 2020

best camera backpack

A good camera backpack can often be hard to comeby, and that’s why we found the twelve best camera backpacks. Each of these backpacks are handpicked by us for quality; from design, to materials, to capacity and safety. You shouldn’t have to compromise any of these.

Take a look at these best camera backpacks – there’s one for every budget. At the end, find out how you can travel best with your best camera backpack. Let’s see what everyone is talking about:

Best camera backpack overall

Lowepro LP37177 ProTactic BP 450 AW II

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Coming in hot as our best camera backpack overall pick is the Protactic Bp 450 Aw Ii professional camera backpack. This best camera backpack is not only rugged, versatile, and armoured with protection, but also offers more adaptations and capabilities than ever before.

Get more adaptive interior access points, modular exterior attachment capabilities, and a convertible utility belt. And something never seen in its class is the Activzone back panel, which is targeted for comfort and support.

The all-weather AW cover will protect your camera gear from environmental factors like snow, rain, dust, and sand. And the utility pouch makes it easy for you to store your water bottle. There is also a tripod cup to safely keep your tripod.

The particular reason why we chose the Protactic Bp 450 Aw Ii professional camera backpack as our best camera backpack top pick is the armoured sections and protective padding that covers the backpack overall. As a camera owner, this makes you confident in knowing the equipment you’re carrying is protected the most.

And the dividers inside this best camera backpack allows you to position your camera gear in a number of different ways easily. As a bonus, carry your laptop everywhere safely with the cradle fit pocket.

Customers like you will love the capabilities of this newer model from Lowpro. You’ll love being able to configure your camera bag just the way you want it for comfort as well as ease. You simply can’t get any better than this best camera backpack overall pick.

Best budget camera backpack

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Camera

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Our budget best camera backpack is the AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras and Accessories. For such a low price, this best camera backpack pick is boasting with room for all your photography equipment.

The main compartment is what really shines through with its adjustable cells, perfect for keeping all your photography equipment safe and secure without compromising space. With all its zippered pockets, compartments, pouches, and straps, there is a place for everything, no matter how big or small.

This budget best camera backpack holds two small size SLR or DSLR camera bodies, anywhere from three to four lenses, and other small accessories, and is backed by a one-year warranty.
You even get two side pockets that feature flaps that you can store your keys, cellphone, or whatever you need in. There are also two large pockets with zippers for holding your notebooks or any light jacket/poncho for the elements.
Finally, the side straps and flexible cord help you carry your tripod and umbrella with ease. Smaller pockets inside are perfect for storing small accessories like memory cards or USB cards, even batteries.
Customers like you love the comfort of the best camera backpack and its padded adjustable shoulder straps. You can ensure your camera backpack is secure with the adjustable waist and chest straps, even when you’re carrying all your camera gear.

Best camera backpack runner up

Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Backpack

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Our runner up best camera backpack is the Thule Covert DSLR Rolltop Backpack. This best camera bag is perfect for you, the photographer adventurer who simply needs all your gear with you.

With its wide mouth access, you can easily store boots, helmets, and more. The wheels on this best camera backpack let you easily transport your photography gear wherever you go.

With this best camera backpack you get a SafeZone removable camera pod system and a dual-density padded bottom.

You’ll love the custom fit and protection of the origami-inspired divider system. You can fold any of the dividers to fit your large pieces of gear any way you please. Even fit a pro DSLR body and attached ultra-wide angle lense, drones, and a DJI Mavic Pro with ease in this best camera backpack.

The two-time Oxford material makes for a durable and water-resistant best camera bag. And the customizable storage ensures you can easily fit up to two lenses, drone, and flash accessories.

There’s even a spacious roll top compartment for you to store your personal items as well as enough room for a 15” MacBook Pro and an iPad.

Customers like you love this best camera backpack for carrying a lot of camera equipment at once. Customers have even found that you can fit several prime lenses and a zoom lens in the side-loading compartment.

You’ll also love the quality of material this best camera backpack is made of. With such high quality and storage capacity, it’s no wonder this bag makes our runner-up best camera backpack, easily.

Best camera backpack under $150

TARION Pro 2 Bags in 1 Camera Backpack

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Our pick for the best camera backpack that’s under $150 is the TARION Pro 2 Bags in 1 Camera Backpack. This best camera backpack comes boasting with extra everything; an extra-large dual compartment, extra safety and security, and a sturdy and durable build.

The top compartment is so big that it can hold one camera plus five lenses with such ease. With the lower compartment, hold one more camera and four lenses or six prime lenses. Then, the accessory shoulder bag holds one camera plus two lenses. That’s a whole lot for not much money to spend at all.

With its ergonomic shoulder and waist strap design, you get ventilated back padding that reduces load weight while maximizing comfort. The straps are even adjustable so you can move them to suit your comfort needs.

Fit a 15 inch laptop easily in the laptop compartment. The side zipper lets you easily access it as well. And with tripod buckle straps on either side, you can fit your gear in nicely. Fit your small accessories in the small pouches, and top it off by protecting your gear with the attached rain cover.

The compartment dividers are made of shock-proof EPE, so rest assured our camera and lens are safe and secure. The shell front is made of PVA and is secure to hold your most sensitive equipment and camera gear.

Customers like you love how durable and sturdy this best camera backpack actually is. You get a camera bag that is water-repellent as well as high-strength nylon that is tear-resistant. All these features on the bag for just under $150 make this an easy choice for best camera backpack.

Best camera backpack under $100

Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L Camera Backpack

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Our pick for the best camera backpack for under $100 is the Lowepro Photo Hatchback 16L Camera Backpack. This best camera backpack pick is a value with its sleek and modern design as well as its ability to back and store while still being comfortable to wear.

This high performance camera gear solution boasts a variety of compartments that are multi-functional and versatile. With its removable padded camera box and storm-flap closure, you can do anything you set your mind to.

Want to remove it to make a functional daypack? No problem. Want to store your complete camera kit? That’s what this bag was made for. Especially with its secure grab handles.

Get access to your camera gear easily with the body-side hatchback opening. There’s even a padded front stash pocket and a dual compartment, big enough for a tablet or compact laptop for when you’re on the go.
This best camera backpack is padded and has a soft mesh cover that is comfortable and breathable for all day use. Store your water bottles and extra gear in the side pockets that are made of stretchy mesh.

There’s even a roomy upper compartment that is perfect for storing your belongings such as sunglasses, jacket, and even your lunch! The zippered pocket with key fob built in makes it easy to store your personal belongings.

Even better, with the All Weather cover, you get the premium Lowepro protection from any elements while on the go.

Easily fit a DSLR with attached lens (up to 18-55mm zoom) in the Photo Hatchback. You’ll also be able to store a couple of extra lenses or flashes as well as a tablet, water bottle, gear and personal necessities.

Customers love this best camera backpack because you get a stylish yet roomy backpack without compromising space. You can even remove the camera compartment and flap so you can enjoy your camera backpack as a regular backpack when you’re not using it to shoot photography. As versatile as it is, can you believe this best camera backpack is under $100?

Best camera backpack for hiking

Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack

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For those who love an outdoor adventure hike, the Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack is the perfect travel companion. Get the full Alta experience with AltaLink. This lets you carry your Alta Pro tripod so you’re connected while traveling.

You’ll love all the smart storage available for your personal and professional gear. You get large and flexible pockets for you to fill with your water bottle or flask. The zipper pockets are secure so you can feel confident about your wallet and valuables staying safe while adventuring.

There are also multi-dividers so you can decide how much camera gear and how much personal gear you need to fit into this one awesome best camera backpack.

Customers like you will love the Vanguard Alta Sky 51D Camera Backpack for its exceptional quality. It’s a solid best camera backpack pick because of all the nooks and crannies available to store camera gear, perfect for you if you’re on a long hike or travel adventure.

Best camera backpack for travel

NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack

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Our best camera backpack for travel is the NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack. This smart backpack allows you to pack whatever you need for your travel adventures; clothes, camera gear, personal items, and beyond.

There’s no having to choose between the two because this best camera backpack is meant for traveling the world.

The separate clothing compartment allows you to pack for a one or even a five day trip. There are customizable folding dividers included that help you choose what to store conveniently in this backpack. The bag even expands from 35 liters to 42 liters so you can store more if you need to.

Whenever you need to grab your camera quickly, this best camera backpack has a side pocket so you can grab your camera from the camera compartment. And the laptop compartment fits any laptop up to 16 inches. There are little pockets for all your accessories for cords, batteries, and more.

You’ll find this best camera backpack quite comfortable with its supportive design. The bag lets you distribute weight evenly with internal supports for the best carrying quality.

The multiple external support straps adjust and remove easily so you can choose what’s comfortable to you as well as lighten the load with everything it can carry.

The bag is even carry-on travel size to fit under the seat or overhead bins on an airplane properly. The magnetic water bottle pockets are easy for you to snap into place when not in use too.

Keep your valuables safe with the lockable zippers, water-resistant materials, and RFID safe pocket. Your best camera backpack will keep your mind at ease while traveling.

Honorable Mentions

Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II

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Our first honorable mention for best camera backpack is the Lowepro Fastpack BP 250 AW II. This camera backpack brand, Lowepro and its travel series, Fastpack, is a trusted name in travel.

It’s trusted because it has a next-generation design with a built-in All Weather cover and CradleFit device compartment along with three storage zones. All this is designed to help you stay organized while on the go.

There’s a customizable camera area with a padded and adjustable interior. The full-access zippered opening and bright grey interior gives you high visibility. There’s also a dedicated device zone with CradleFit tablet protection and a padded laptop packet for your devices.

For added security you get a special flap with quick-release buckles covering the outer pocket. There’s an open zone at the top of this best camera backpack, as well, for more pockets and space for organizing your accessories such as your smartphone, cables, keys, and more.

The Fastpack is secure with a rolling trolly from the compression straps, which keeps your valuables protected. The waist belt is also removable so you get extra comfort when you’re using this best camera backpack.

Hold your water bottle or tripod base in the tall stretch-mesh side pocket. Your items will be secure in side compression straps. You can even fit a DSLR with an attached lens, a 15 inch laptop, a tablet, headphones, any size smartphone, and more with all the space you get in this backpack.

Manfrotto Lifestyle NX CSC Backpack

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Next up on our best camera backpack honorable mention list is the Manfrotto Lifestyle NX CSC Backpack. This best camera backpack is designed for your mirrorless camera in mind. There’s enough room for you to store multiple lenses as well as personal items.

Perfectly store a Premium Compact System Camera and standard zoom lens attached as well as two additional lenses. Or, store your DJI Mavic Pro if you want to.

Entry level DSLR cameras and attached lenses as well as two additional lenses are welcome along. Or use your DJI Mavic Pro while on the move and store in this best camera backpack.

There’s even a dedicated compartment for your iPad or iPad Pro. You can also remove the camera compartment and convert this backpack into a daypack. Along with that, store your personal belongings at the top of the backpack for extra room.

You can even fit a water bottle along with a selfie pole or tripod so you have even distribution on each side. With plenty of pockets and space, and being ultra stylish, it’s no wonder that this best camera backpack makes our list.

CADeN Camera Backpack

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Next on our list of best camera backpacks is the CADeN Camera Backpack. With its large capacity, this camera backpack can fit one camera body plus four lenses, a flash, and iPod, a tripod, and other personal and camera accessories.

This camera backpack is made with high-density waterproof 900D nylon to protect your camera gear from rain and damaging elements. There are also lengthened shoulder belts with high elasticity and memory foam for comfort.

To protect your camera, the paddings in the bag are made of seven-layer PR foam and PP board, free from shocking your camera and also are very durable. The shoulder belts and backpack are reinforced, which supports loads up to 110 pounds.

The materials this best camera backpack is made of is scratch proof and lightweight. Your camera will be protected from damage and deformities. You also get a one year guarantee and also a 20 year factory warranty support.

Customers like you love this best camera backpack because it fits so much all in one. Bring the backpack on a plane safely, storing everything you need, and feel confident in its sturdy and quality material that lasts a lifetime.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

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The Peak Design everyday backpack has earned its spot on our honorable mentions list of best camera backpacks for its on the go style.

You get all the access to grab our gear from each side, both with weatherproof UltraZips, and open from the top with exceptional quality of MagLatch hardwear. The hardwear is fast, quiet, and strong – perfect for photographers.

Get customizable setups with the configurable FlexFold dividers. The dividers let you organize and protect all your gear. You can also fit a 15 inch laptop, tablet, notepad, or documents in the divider. Also, keep smaller accessories organized in internal pockets.

The MagLatch hardware gives you three liter expansion so you can fit more. There’s also stowable carry straps, allowing you strap items onto the outside of the bag. The external pockets allow you to store your tripod or water bottle as well.

Not using this best camera backpack for photography? No problem, since this bag adapts to your lifestyle. Use it as a travel backpack, laptop bag, or workbag. And with the lifetime guarantee, you know you will get more out of this bag than what you paid for.

Tenba DNA 15 Backpack

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The final on our list of best camera backpacks is the Tenba DNA 15 backpack. This backpack was designed to be worn all year round in any type of weather, and for any kind of performance.

While this backpack looks like a normal everyday bag, you also get an interior that holds all your lenses, cameras, and computers all in one.

The Fidlock magnetic clip and water-repellent roll top design make this bag effortless in any weather environment and also makes your gear easy to access.

Space is a perk of this best camera backpack. Fit a mirrorless camera and three or four lenses. Or you can fit a DSLR with two or three lenses (to 70-200mm) in this bag. You also get a rear-padded sleeve that can hold a laptop up to 15 inches.

Customers like you love this best camera backpack messenger bag because of the quality features as well as design. Use it as a carry-on when you travel, too. And access everything you need easily.

How do I choose a camera bag?

When choosing a camera bag think of comfort and convenience. A camera backpack that is going to provide you comfort is going to have padded straps and is going to be the right length for your stature.

You do not want a camera backpack that drags you down or is too low. And you want a bag that will fit everything you need for your photography and adventures all in one. That way, you’re not stuck carrying multiple items around when you travel.

How to pack a camera backpack for travel?

When packing a camera backpack for travel always remember to have your camera secure with its covers before packing it in your bag. Make sure your lens caps, battery compartment, and moveable compartments won’t break off during travel and when there are bumps and movements.

When traveling with a DSLR, don’t have the lens attached to the camera body. There will be some movements and shifts during your flight which will damage the threads holding the lens to the camera.

Always have everything separate and make sure lens caps are securely tightened on both ends. Also, don’t forget to take out the battery and memory card before you travel. You wouldn’t want your camera powering on and draining while you’re traveling.

Keep the battery somewhere you can access it as security might as you to take it out to prove the camera is working properly for its use.

Can I carry on my camera bag?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allows for camera gear as a carry on and as a check-in. It’s advised that you only carry on your camera gear and not check it in when traveling. You’ll want to have your expensive gear closeby in case your checked in bag gets lost or stolen. It should be checked in only as a last option. Always opt to carry your camera gear in a special camera bag or backpack meant for travel. Happy travels!