The Gift for Photographers Ultimate Guide – 2019 Edition

gifts for photographers

Finding the perfect gifts for photographers in your family may seem daunting. Do not fret. There are endless amounts of gifts for beginner and pro photographers in 2019 and at the right price.

Avoid those long lines at the mall. Use this nifty holiday guide to get the right gift for photographers in your life.


ShutterRelease World is here to save the day. We are going to give you the ultimate holiday gifts for photographers.


Gifts for photographers in 2019

Soft Box Lighting Kit


This photography softbox lighting kit comes in at under $50. You get a 1+1 daylight bulb, flexible softbox stand, adjustable lamp holder, a carrying case, and a softbox, all with a six-month warranty. The kit could be a gift for photographers and pro photographers alike.

Waterproof Camera Case


This waterproof camera case is a must-have on the gift for photographers. For under $50, your travel photographer can explore land and sea without ruining their nice camera. The case can protect your camera underwater up to 16 feet. Get full functionality of your camera with the case’s roll and velcro zipper system and built-in finger sleeve. The case can fit SLR cameras with a 2.0 to 5.9” lens.

Gorilla Tripod


This tripod is the best gift for photographers because it falls under $100. This tripod is extra flexible, allowing you to secure this professional camera equipment to any surface you please. The tripod is stable. It allows you to bend and rotate 360 degrees for ultimate stability. The tripod’s anodized aluminum construction makes it ultra-durable. Also, the Arca-Swiss system makes for a quick release and super-fast connection for set up. Gift your photographer this tripod for all of their adventures.

Light Reflector Pack


For under $20, gift your favorite photographer this necessity. The reflector pack comes with five different reflective surfaces that fill in, reflect, diffuses, absorbs, or softens the light. The reflectors are framed with durable and flexible steel. It can easily be folded to be small in size. The reflector pack also comes with its own carrying case. So, your photographer can take it on the go.

Camera Rig


One of our best picks for gifts for photographers is this camera rig. Many photographers who plan on filming need a system to fit their camera. This camera rig holds Sony, Canon, Nikon, and other DSLR cameras. The rig boosts the portability of the camera devices. And it is perfect for balancing, too. It’s also under $150 and comes in two different trendy colors. This rig is a must-have gift for photographers.

Shot Glass Lens Set


The photographer in your life needs to let off some steam the way we all do – with a shot! Your photographer will be amused by this inconspicuous shot glass lens set. They are the perfect stocking stuffer gift for photographers!

DJI Mavic Mini


The DJI Mavic Mini drone is the ultimate splurge gift for photographers. Your photographer will get up to 30 minutes of flight time with their drone. They can even stream HD video from up to 2.5 miles with this drone. The Mavic Mini comes with a controller and flight battery, along with a 12MP/2.7K quad HD 3-axis gimbal camera and a Full DJI USA warranty. Your photographer will love this gift.

White Balance Lens Cap


This lens cap comes in at just under $50. It is the perfect small yet essential gift for photographers. The white balance lens cap allows the photographer to easily. And it quickly sets the white balance for neutral or portrait. The filters include warming filters, too. Made in the USA, this white balance lens cap is made of quality. So, your photographer can use it for years to come.

Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote for iPhone and Android


This Bluetooth camera shutter remote is the perfect gift for photographers on the go. Rated as the best Bluetooth shutter on the market. It captures a 30-foot wireless range to take photos anywhere. The shutter is designed for most modern cellphones, iPads, and Tablets. At under $20, this Bluetooth shutter makes for a great stocking stuffer.

Portable Photography Studio


For under $150, get your photographer a gift they need. Get this portable studio box with LED lighting. No assembly is required, so your photographer can set up and collapse their portable photography studio in less than a minute. And they will turn out perfectly lit photography. The studio is also backed by Amazon’s one year warranty. Any photographer will be thankful to use this studio box kit for years to come.

Flash Speedlight


This flash for cameras is one of Amazon’s best sellers. It’s the perfect gift for photographers of any level. This flash has a 90-degree vertical rotation angle and a 270-degree horizontal rotation angle. This flash is compatible with Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and more. At under $30, this flash is an item every photographer needs.

Wide Angle Lens (Canon) (Sony) (Nikon)


Every photographer wants a wide-angle lens under their Christmas tree. We’ve rounded up the best wide-angle lenses above. Deliver the best quality of photos for your photographer, even in the most challenging of situations. Why not splurge and get your favorite photographer a wide-angle lens? Let them add to their lens collection.

Prime Lens (Canon) (Sony) (Nikon)


Another must-have gift for photographers is the prime lens. The prime lens is a gift that keeps on giving. Your photographer can get the perfect shot every time using a prime lens.

Fisheye Lens (Canon) (Sony) (Nikon)


Let your photographer create awesome effects with their photography. Gift them a fisheye lens. Your photographer will be able to create distorted feeling images. They also will love creating wide panoramic or hemispheric effects.

Telephoto Lens (Canon) (Sony) (Nikon)


Every photographer should receive the gift of a telephoto lens. A telephoto lens will give your photographer a narrow field of vision. It will also magnify their image. Looking for a perfect gift for a beginning photographer? Or how about a new must-have lens for your professional photographer? Look no further.

Rode Microphone


The best gift for a professional photographer is this kit. The kit includes a Rode Videomic Shotgun Microphone with Rycote Lyre Mount. And it has a custom-made wind buster for shotgun microphones. Your photographer can use this microphone on any digital camera they have. This is the perfect gift for a photographer who loves to take videos as well.

Polarizer Filter


Looking for the right stocking stuffer gift for your photographer? Look no further than this polarizing filter at under $15. This filter will deepen blue skies, eliminate glare, and reduce reflection. This is the right gift for an outdoor photographer.

Leica 3-Piece Lens Filter Kit


Along with the polarizer filter, the lens filter kit is a bonus in a photographer’s stocking this holiday season. At under $50, you get a UV filter to protect against, scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. You will get a FL-D (fluorescent) filter to take the right pictures under indoor fluorescent lights. This gift for photographers will ensure your photographer is ready to shoot perfect photography under any situation.

Memory Cards


If your photographer needs a practical gift, we have the right one for them. Memory cards are a must-have for modern-day photographers with a DSLR camera. This pack comes with five cards. And they have reading speeds of up to 95MB/s and 32GB each.

Light Meter


The right gift for pro photographers is a light meter. This light meter is the perfect gadget for DSLR and mirrorless videographers. They will be able to take exposure readings and control light using shutter speeds and frame rates. This light meter even has Cine Mode. This is perfect for cinema-grade cameras. This allows users to choose from the frame rates they need. And they will choose shutter angles for exposure control with one-tenth stop accuracy.

Remote Shutter Release


Every photographer should have a shutter release. One of the best gifts for photographers is this shutter release remote. For group photos, photographers can easily guide people and pose them while freeing up their hands. With hands freed up, they will be able to take the best photos possible. And for long exposure shots, this shutter release remote does the trick. This remote shutter release is compatible with most cameras.

Stylish Camera Bag


Every photographer needs a stylish camera bag. What other way will they show off their gear? This stylish camera bag is the right mix of functionality and style. It is the perfect gift for photographers. The bag is made of superior leather, is unisex, and is a classic accessory. The bag features a multifunctional removable insert and is made for mirrorless, instant, and DSLR cameras alike.


Fill its pockets with accessories, notebooks, memory cards, and more. The lining of the bag is shockproof. And it is lined with heavy-duty material that protects your cameras from being dropped, bumped or in accidents of various kinds.


The bag is a crossbody, to travel with ease and whip out the camera for a shot fast. This bag also comes in brown, blue, maroon, olive, or mink along with this black color. Get your savvy photographer the gift of this trendy camera bag.

Here is another option for a similar bag with a more rugged look, kattee camera bag.

Photography Backdrops


Nothing is cooler than a sleek backdrop for product or style shots. Get your photographer the gift of these trendy backdrops. This bundle comes with three premium vinyl backdrops for professional product photography, food photography, or social media content.


These backdrops are durable, water-proof, PVC, and have a matte finish so there will be no glare in the photography shots. The backdrops come rolled and ready to lay flat in various scenes. Get this creative gift for photographers for less than $50.

Camera Cleaning Kit


Every photographer needs a camera cleaning kit. The kit listed comes with a pen system, lens brush, air blower cleaner, 50 sheets of lens tissue paper, spray bottle, and microfiber cleaning cloths. And for less than $10, this gift for photographers is as useful as it is affordable.

Bonus: Photographers can learn how to clean their camera sensors here.

Camera Backpack


Traveling photographers need a good backpack to store all their camera gear. At under $30, gift your photographer this useful and affordable camera backpack. This professional camera backpack fits one camera body, up to four lenses, a flash, an iPad, a tripod, and other accessories like drones.


This backpack is waterproof to protect camera gear from rain, snow. Whatever life has to throw at it, the bag can handle it. The shoulder belts are made of memory foam so it can be comfortable to carry. This backpack also comes with a one-year guarantee. Traveling photographers need this gift.


Lume Cube


Lume cubes are a small yet functional gift for savvy photographers. This Lume Cube comes with a modification frame, warming gel, a soft diffuser, a DSLR shoe mount, and USB Type-C cable all under $75. Make sure your photographer has the right lighting for their work. Make sure by gifting them this awesome accessory for photographers.

For an even more affordable option, take a look at the LitraTorch review.

Multi-Card Reader


Another great go-to gadget is the right gift for photographers of all kinds. It is this multi-card reader. Your photographer will be able to get a speedy card reading process that makes their work efficient and smooth to do. This card reader supports most memory cards.

Vintage Polaroid Camera


Is your photographer a love of vintage? A fun gift for photographers is this vintage Polaroid camera. This camera is straight out of the ’80s. And it has a lighten/darken slider, an automatic flash and takes 600mm prints in an instant. Don’t forget to also pick up some 600 color film. That way, they can use their vintage camera on Christmas morning.

Memory Card Pouch


Your traveling photographer needs a quick and easy way to store their many SD cards. This small gift for photographers fits easily, anywhere. It has a molded rubber interior lining, a snap-on locking system, and an eyelet. With an eyelet, they can attach a strap or hook onto their belt or bag. At under $10, this gift for photographers. It tells them that you care about what they love to do.