Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap Review

Peak design camera strap

Peak Design is not only one of the leading camera carry brands around. They’re the most crowdfunded company currently in operation. Since 2010, they have raised over $15 million dollars. And released more than 100 products to the acclaim of photography aficionados worldwide. Their products range from travel bags for cameras to drones.  They also sell a range of travel tripods, captures, and straps. Here we’ll be reviewing their Black Slide Camera Strap. The new black slide strap is the latest iteration of the game-changing strap. Peak Design describes it as “the most versatile pro camera strap in the world.”

Who is this Camera Strap for?

The Peak Design black slide camera strap is ideal for professionals and amateurs. It’s also good for birdwatchers who are on the move with heavy cameras or binoculars. It has a versatile and easy to use neck, sling, and shoulder strap all in one package. Whether you’re sporting a large-lensed DSLR or a smaller mirrorless camera. The strap will attach to any tripod or third-party l-bracket. If you are the type that carries a lot of gear and usually has their hands full. The strap’s convenient connection system lets you attach and detach using one hand.

What comes with the camera strap?

The strap comes equipped with two quick-pull adjustable aluminum handles. They allow for a variety of length and movement preferences. Four updated plastic V4 anchors allow for two separate points of connection on the strap. These anchors are now angled or canted and 25% slimmer than their previous design. The strap also comes with a universal low-profile anchor mound. And with an aluminum body and silicone pad. Peak Design Camera Capture clips, tripods, bags, and accessories are all sold separate.

Specifications of the camera strap

The strap is 45mm or 1.8 inches wide and features one smooth side and one gripped side on the reverse. This allows you and easy seamless transition between gliding sling style. Try slip-free shoulder mode. Or try a classic neck strap depending on your needs in a particular context. The strap’s creaseless internal seatbelt-style padding provides long-lasting comfort.  It takes away the burden of extra weight or bulk, and the strap’s anchors can hold up to 200 lbs or 90 kg. It’s designed for versatility and durability. So, the Peak Design slide camera strap also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

How to utilize it

First, attach and hitch the anchors through your camera eyelets. If your camera has a tripod hole on the bottom, affix the mount here. Now you will have to choose a carry style. For a neck carry, put the anchors into each respective clip, and put the strap around your neck. Adjust with the two aluminum handles as needed. For shoulder style, remove the strap from your neck and place above the desired shoulder. Adjust as needed. For slide style, detach the anchor from the eyelet on the grip side. And then reattach it to the anchor mount at the bottom of your camera. Lift the strap to the other side of your neck, adjust, and presto: you’re ready to shoot.


If you don’t carry any heavy gear or own a DSLR. And if you are unlikely to buy one you might want to consider going with Peak Design’s Slide Lite. The Slide Lite combines the best features of the regular slide strap. It’s a smaller, less heavy-duty, and cheaper package. Acclaim for the dual-sided strap itself is almost universal. Yet, few have expressed concerns over the engineering quality of the plastic anchors and clips. The anchors may break. And Peak Design has updated their material with this release. But skeptics claim that the anchors now change color when they are growing weak. And they are not noticeably stronger. Anxious photographers may want to order extra anchors just to be safe. Yet, if this doesn’t give you peace of mind, you may want to consider a more traditional strap by the likes of Black Rapid.


The Peak Design Black Slide Camera Strap offers versatility. It offers comfort and innovative design in one affordable and convenient package. Switching from the neck, shoulder, or sling strap with the same piece of hardware is attractive. The strap’s lightweight and virtually invisible cushion allows for optimal comfort. Alternate grips and smooth sides allow for more customization. The thoughtful and ingenious design is hindered by cheaper plastic anchors and clips. It would appear that these anchors are part of why Peak Design provides such a versatile package at a low price. Yet, this single engineering flaw may stop professionals with expensive and delicate gear. They might rather scan for photo opportunities. Rather than anxiously double-check the security of their mount.