Neewer Pro C-Stand Review

neewer pro c-stand

Photography gear is so important. Having the right photography gear is even more crucial.


There is no guide-book that tells photographers all the gear you’ll be accumulating over time. However, if you are reading this article, you’re on the right track.


You see, having a c-stand is important if you want to get the right lighting and the right shot out of photography or videography.

Neewer Pro C-Stand Review


Before we get into the features and specifications of the Neewer Pro c-stand review, it’s important to know how versatile this c-stand is.


You can use the c-stand for practically anything to assist you. The Neewer Pro c-stand is excellent for holding lights, ring lights, cameras, fill cards, scrims, flash units, diffusion panels, and pretty much anything you can think of.


We wouldn’t be surprised if you picked up multiple Neewer Pro c-stands to hold everything during your shoots.

What is a C-stand?


A c-stand is used to get the right position of light modifiers or cameras, especially if you are doing overhead shots or flat lay shots.


C-stands sort of look funny, too. They are normally made of metal and have a large base and riser columns with a baby pin.


Today, we’re going to focus on the Neewer Pro c-stand as we dive into our Neewer Pro c-stand review.


Features & Specifications


  • The Neewer Pro c-stand is so strong and powerful, that it can hold up in harsh conditions and long uses.
  • The stand will hold your lights, cameras securely and the supports will hold strong
  • The knob and spiral screw attach to equipment easily.
  • Three sturdy legs make for a strong structure to keep equipment safe.
  • Includes 2 metal grip/knuckleheads including 4 channels for agility.
  • The center stand column reaches up to 10 feet high.
  • The center stand column folded height is 4 feet.
  • The extension arm length reaches 4 feet.
  • 2 metal Grip/Knuckle Heads with 4different channels for total dexterity.
  • You get more with two screw threads on each side of the arm.
  • Set custom positions by swinging to lock the legs.
  • Adjust the height to meet your shooting needs.
  • It’s rubber padded to prevent sliding as you move.


Neewer Pro C-Stand Ease of Use


Anyone can use the Neewer Pro c-stand. Building the stand and taking it down ready to store is super easy too. When you’re ready to put the Neewer Pro c-stand away, you can easily fold everything together to store in a small space.


If you’re traveling with your photography, you won’t have an issue either. It’s light enough to carry to your shoot.


When setting up or adjusting the height, you don’t have to worry about the stand crashing down or not reaching. The C-stand is easily adjusted to the height you need. Customize the rig the way you need it. You won’t have any issues.


The Neewer Pro c-stand may be lightweight and adjustable, but it gets the job done correctly. The design and build quality are such high quality that you really do get quite a deal at its price point.

Achieve Maximum Height


Most other stands do not offer the 10-foot height that the Neewer Pro c-stand offers. The usable height ranges from 4 and ¾ feet to 9 and a half feet.


When you adjust, do be warned that the turning locks are a little difficult at first and may offer a lot of resistance. That’s only a precaution to not accidentally release the lock. Though, it’s pretty easy to adjust and lock back in place once you get the hang of the turning locks.

Neewer Stainless Steel Heavy Duty C-Stand


Entry-level stands usually do not have this great of quality as the Neewer Pro c-stand. It’s a solid and strong stand for an entry-level stand.


While most stands are made of cheap metals or plastic that do not hold up as strongly. The Neewer Pro c-stand is made out of a solid corrosion-resistant stainless steel.


We were impressed at how the rotary locks are clean and do not build up with rust as you use the stand in the elements.


The Neewer Pro c-stand definitely can hold a lot. And you should be able to gauge how much exactly it can hold. Though, do double-check the maximum amount it can hold in the owner’s manual before purchasing.


Regardless, we’re sure the rig would be able to hold as much as you need it to, whether a camera or lighting.


You’ll also be impressed with the rotary locking nuts and how easy it is to get everything in place with the rig so you can get the right angles and shots. They’re pretty sturdy and we have not found an issue with getting them in place.

High-Quality Rubber Feet

When we say the Neewer Pro c-stand can withstand the elements, we mean it. You will have no problem when shooting on slippery surfaces or sloped surfaces. The rubber feet give you the assurance that nothing will fail during your shoot, no matter where you are.


The counterweight hook gives you enough support with the weight of counterweight sandbags. If you don’t have a use for sandbags, you don’t have to use them at all either. Just know that if you need to use them, you won’t have an issue with counterweights. Everything should run smoothly.

Grip Head Accessories

Accessories are no issue either. Mount whatever you need on the stand using the grip head accessories. They’re pretty inexpensive and useful if you know what you need to mount your gear correctly.

What Customers Are Saying


Customers like you love the Neewer Pro c-stand and its build. You’ll be taken by surprise the build and the weight, sturdiness, and portability of the c-stand. Most customers do use the Neewer Pro c-stand for their studios and have bought multiple for other gear to be rigged and ready to go.


Simply pull the Neewer Pro c-stand out, adjust the angles and height, and you are ready to shoot stunning photography and video without the complications. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your gear or camera isn’t going anywhere.


You won’t have any issues while using the stand in the elements, either. The stand is so sturdy, you don’t get any shake like other brands.

Should You Get the Neewer Pro C-Stand?


So, the verdict is in. YES, definitely go out and get the Neewer Pro c-stand. This is the c-stand that sets the standard for affordable stands without compromising quality.


If you’re working in a small space, it’s easy to take apart your c-stand and store it in a smaller closet. You won’t have any issues using it in your studio apartment. The leg sections collapse so easily too, so it’s not bulky when stored.


Even if you live in a bigger space, this stand is a bargain and can be used again and again and still be like new.

Here Are SomePpro’s That Make the Neewer Pro C-Stand Worth Buying:


  • It’s affordable and works for novices and pro’s alike.
  • Supports the weight of pretty much any equipment you need your rig to hold.
  • The rig comes apart and collapses easily and can be stored anywhere.
  • The stand met our needs and can meet the needs of any studio or outdoor photographer or videographer.

Neewer vs Flashpoint C-Stand


While the Flashpoint c-stand is very similar to the Neewer Pro c-stand including price point, we did notice one strong difference. The Flashpoint c-stand is heavier and may create issues for you if you need to move or transport your stand to other locations.

Final Thoughts


The Neewer Pro c-stand is an affordable investment for content creators and photographers who want to create professional-grade work.


We hope you enjoyed this review and have learned all you can about the Neewer Pro c-stand. It’s what every photographer needs to create amazing content as well as videos!