LitraTorch Stunning Action Light Review

LitraTorch LED camera light

While searching for a portable LED light I stumbled upon the LitraTorch. The LitraTorch is designed magnificently and features practically unbreakable form with its eight powerful LEDs. Even better, the LitraTorch comes with some pretty cool accessories. Let’s dive into this superb lighting system:

Litratorch on camera

Product overview

The LitraTorch packs a powerful punch, being a cube of 1/5×1.5 inches of aluminum. It delivers up to 800 lumens of 5700 Kelvin light. This gives you the same color temp as noon daylight. What gives it its power? A rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Its even waterproof and drop proof. This powerful cube is conformed to military standard 810G.

You get eight LEDs on the face of the cube alone. On the other side, a ¼-20 tripod mount thread. You even get a the LitraTorch covered with a micro-USB port so you can charge. What’s cooler? It has an embedded magnet so you can attach it to metal surfaces.

The other sides of the LitraTorch feature yet another tripod mount. And a waterproof on and off switch that lets you select 100, 450, or 800-lumen settings. Need a 2200 lumen blinking strobe? You got one with the LightTorch as soon as you press the switch a number of times.


Need an ultra-wide beam angle to match camera wide angle formats? You’re in luck. Don’t worry about getting water on or dropping your LitraTorch. You get a light that is waterproof and drop-proof with its aluminum body construction. The LightTorch has 800, 450, and 100-lumen settings and 5700k. It features a micro-USB and lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Finally, enjoy a flicker-free and smooth light pattern that resembles daylight temperature.

Litratorch accessories

Included accessories

Already loving what you get with the LitraTorch? It gets better with its white diffuser for excellent and natural shots. Keep your LitraTorch handy with its belt clip. Even work your GoPro with its ¼-20 finger mount. A few extra bonuses accessories include a USB charging cable, two magnetic mounts, and a cold shoe mount.

light output

Light quality

I put the LitraTorch light to the test. Its color temperature is top-notch. However, I would make the best use of it with things other than people, as the skin tone may be thrown off with this one.
The brightness is worth it, giving an even light spread.

Is it durable?

The LitraTorch can withstand many temperatures, although you may not want to operate the full-power in sub-zero temperatures. You can drag this through the mud and know it will still work after. I take comfort in knowing this wont break while out on a shoot.

Is it a value?

At $79 USD, you are getting the light and all of its accessories. Compare this to the Lume Cube, which is comparable and sold without accessories. You are getting a deal here. We strongly recommend this product.